How exactly does Norton Safe-search Work?

Norton safe search is a totally free web reliability tool that helps users steer clear of visiting destructive websites and keeps their particular online individuality secure. Additionally, it protects users right from phishing scams and other high-risk virus infections.

How does this work?

Norton safe search uses Norton Safe Web technology to level websites according to their safeness level and alerts the person about probably harmful sites that may possess phishing scams or different risky infections. It works as being a browser extension for Chrome, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge which is available on Windows, Macintosh OS Back button, and Cpanel.

How can I apply it?

You can use Norton safe search by simply grabbing the totally free extension from the Chrome Web Store or perhaps the Norton Support website. When it is installed, the extension displays a green tick next to websites which might be considered safe.

Is it compatible with my internet browser?

In order to use Norton safe search, you must have either Firefox or perhaps Google Chrome installed on your computer. Recognized will then appear on your alexa plugin and next to each search result. You can find it in your browser’s extension administrator, or you can download this directly from the Norton Support site or perhaps Chrome Web Store.

Does it delay my laptop?

The Norton antivirus and net security application does not commonly slow down your personal computer significantly. However , it is vital to note that certain types of malware can impact the computer’s overall performance.

It is recommended to take care of antivirus application updated in order to stay guarded against potential threats. Another important step is to on a regular basis scan your PC for vulnerabilities. There are many good options that can help you will do this, including Bitdefender Traffic Light and URL Gap.

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